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Differences between research assistants (RAs), volunteers, and independent study

Dear all,


As more people will join this group, I suggest everyone work harder to be a true research assistant (RA) for one of my projects. This is because, if a project is funded, we should run and should have "outcomes" to meet the targets. Otherwise, you are in type "independent study" or "volunteer." 

  • RAs will get "with paid" and especially have more chances to have publications and present their research outcomes at a conference. Along with the regular meeting (Tuesday, 15:00-18:00), I will work with RAs individually each week to ensure my projects run well and RAs go in the right direction.

  • For those in "independent study" or "volunteer", I will support you in studying what is in my projects or related to them. I can give some comments or suggestions on what you have done. I only help you build a physical model (prototype) if it is feasible and realistic and has a "research" taste. The regular meeting (Tuesday, 15:00-18:00) is enough for those of these two types.


If a project of mine is funded, I will immediately select some of you as RAs based on your performance during the "independent study or volunteer" period.

Thank you!

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